Herbal Healer for Human Health

Multipal Benfiitr of stevia & Multivitamin Plant Extracts

It can help pancreas cells to secrete insulin & to control Sugar level  

It also help in balanncing insulin and in regulationg blood pressure.

It enhances haemoglobin content.

It may help in detoxifying the body system.

It work well for digestion and bowel movement.

It Contains anti-tooth decay substances and induces physiological body activities.

Provides vitamins and minerals.

It is a calories free nature sweetener and good for diabetes sufferer.

Rejuvenates & revitalizes all cells

.Note:- It is not a medicine. It is a perfect herbal health drink. If sugar or B.P normalizes reduce the dose on advice of the doctore accordingly.


Ingredients in 100ml liquide of Stevia And Multivitamin Plants extracts
Glycosides  1.13g
Iron 8.97mg
Sodium 40mg
Ptassium 70mg
Magnesium 230mg
Manganese 7.49mg
Sulphur 290mg
Phosphorus 60mg
Vitamin A 5.5IU
Vitamin B5 0.45mg
Selenium 1.97mg
Chromium 0.98mg